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Kennedy Clay Sports & Entertainment

kennedy clay sports and entertainment Kennedy Clay Sports & Entertainment is dedicated to bringing bold and innovative leadership to professional sports. Driven towards acquiring a majority or minority stake in a professional sports franchise, Kennedy Clay’s primary focus is to assemble an investment group that will secure equity and debt capital to achieve this goal. Kennedy Clay is committed to transparent entrepreneurship, integrity, sportsmanship, player and fan loyalty; key components to building a championship franchise.

Kennedy Clay’s secondary focus centers around athlete consulting. An athlete’s discipline and performance in their sport is a directly related to their life off the court or field. Kennedy Clay is devoted to helping athletes build a professional game plan to get the best out of their careers.


I Want To Be An Owner

i want to be an owner I Want To Be An Owner is a sports blog featuring “The Stuff” you want to talk about in professional sports (NBA, WNBA, MLB, NFL, and MLS) from the perspective of the next generation of sports ownership. To me, ownership is the opportunity to fulfill my entrepreneurial spirit. Create something from nothing. Be my own boss. Be innovative. Inspire and shape tomorrows athletes. Entertain fans. Renew the competitive spirit. Facilitate teamwork. Make a difference. Dream big.

I have a vision for the future and a burning desire to be a ground-breaking leader – I am ready to say I Want To Be An Owner!

Forbes Sports Money

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