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4th Annual espnW Women + Sports Summit: Make an Impact

In 2010, I was thrilled to learn that ESPN was launching a platform devoted to women in sports. At the time, no knew what espnW would evolving into, but I knew that I wanted to be a partner in ESPN’s creation. Fast forward to 2013, I am beyond excited to share that I attended espnW’s Women + Sports Summit in Dana Point, CA. During the event, I interviewed espnW’s vice president, Laura Gentile, and ESPN president, John Skipper. Here are links to my posts and photos from the summit…Enjoy!

Laura Gentile, espnW Imagines The Future Of Women’s Sports

ESPN President John Skipper: Elevating The Profile Of Women In Sports

IMG_0949photo (1)


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A Conversation With Oprah Winfery

I am truly honored to be a member of the Forbes community. Last month the publication rolled out its annual Forbes 400 list, which included the greatest philanthropists, CEO’s  and thinkers in the world. During the Forbes 400 summit, Moira Forbes sat down with Oprah Winfrey for a candid conversation about business, inspiration and giving. Ms. Winfrey never ceases to amaze me. Here is the entire conversation. I hope you get as much out of it as I did… Enjoy!

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Thank you Annemarie Roeper (1918-2012)

In 1993, my parents enrolled me and my older brother in The Roeper School. I had no idea what to expect when I walked-in my first day, but what I found was a warm community where individuality was cherished. I met people from all walks of life and we learned together while respecting each others differences.

I learned today that Roeper School co-founder, Annemarie Roeper, passed away. She was 93 years old and was the heart and soul of the school. Thanks to Annemarie, I grew up in a world where learning was fun and we were free from bullying, violence, and homophobia.

The person that I am today is largely due to my Roeper School education and its humanistic philosophy. I can’t thank Annemarie enough for the gift that she gave me and the legacy that she left behind.

Peace and blessings.

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Dreaming Big at the WNBA Finals

“God can dream a bigger dream for you than you can dream for yourself.” – Oprah Winfrey

I still can’t believe how amazing the last few months have been. When I started contributing to Forbes Sports Money I had no idea where the journey would take me. This Summer I traveled San Antonio and covered the WNBA All-Star Game; interviewed WNBA President, Laurel Richie; interviewed the Seattle Storm, LA Sparks, and Atlanta Dream WNBA owners; covered the 2011 WNBA Finals in Atlanta and Minnesota; voted for Seimone Augustus as the Finals MVP; and watched my former Gopher teammate, Lindsay Whalen, win a WNBA Championship. WOW! And my journey has just begun…

 2011 WNBA Finals

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

“If I have seen further it is only by standing on the shoulders of giants.” – Sir Isaac Newton

NBA legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has produced an amazing documentary called Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: The Story of the Greatest Team You’ve Never Heard Of. The film takes you back in time and tells the story of one of the first all-black professional basketball teams. It is an amazing story and it is very well produced. It is now streaming online, and you can catch it on Netflix.

For those that know me well, they know that I LOVE a good documentary. What people don’t know is that I have a secret ambition to produce a sports documentary. After watching this film, I’ve upped the ante. My new goal in life is to make a film with the Sky-Hook legend, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

Here’s to big dreams and preserving history!

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Growing to Greatness!

I love OWN! Oprah Winfrey’s Master Class is phenomenal and incredibly inspiring. Listening to Oprah tell her life story reminds me that ANYTHING is possible. Many years ago when the show syndicated Oprah decided to buy it and ‘bet on herself.’ I can feel it in my soul that my opportunity to bet on myself is coming sooner than I think. And believe me…I’m going to take it!

Are you ready to grow to greatness? Here are clips from Master Class….Enjoy!


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Imported From Detroit

My highlight from Super Bowl XLV was the Chrysler commercial featuring
DEE-TROOIT! We’ve had some hard times in Michigan but our state and the Motor City is ready to bounce back. “It’s the hottest fires that make the hardest steel!”

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Welcome to! I thought this day would never come. I’ve always wanted my own website, and now I have one! Thanks so much to my awesome web designer Nicole Boyd ( for helping me with this labor of love!

Here’s to going after your goals and dreams!

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